Is Your Diet Killing Your Weight Loss?

So you wholeheartedly followed a diet that was been recommended by many friends but didn’t get any significant results? Have you tried a number of different diets, with the final result only a weighty distrust of all those weight loss diets?

Recent studies reveal that your case isn’t unusual – in fact, you’d join the ranks of over half the people in this world.

According to Stanford University researcher Dr. Christopher Gardner: “The differentiation in weight loss for individuals who followed a diet matched to their genotype versus one that was not matched to their genotype is highly significant and represents an approach to weight loss that has not previously been reported in literature.”

His statement is based on a study of one hundred overweight women who had their DNA sample analyzed and then been provided with a suggestion for a particular type of diet. The researchers examined five genes that are responsible for the way their body uses fat and carbohydrate.

According to the findings of the study: “The split between those who should be low-carb and low-fat dieters is roughly 50:50, with just a few falling in between.”

What does that mean?

Simple! If your plan is to diet to lose weight and in the past you’ve tried a low-carb diet and failed to get any remarkable results, you need to switch to a low-fat diet. Just the reverse of this would have to done in case of a low-fat diet failure.

And if this doesn’t work, don’t diet. Eat cleanly and simply, as recommended by

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