The 5 Pillars of Overweight Thinking

 You're overweight because you think like you're overweight.Why are people overweight?

There are five pillars to thinking overweight.

Simply put, they are the difference between overweight and thin.

That’s right: Change these five ways of thinking and you will be thin.

If you don’t alter your thinking, you will never keep weight off.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight. It doesn’t mean you won’t go on diets every year, or month, or week and lose some pounds. But you will never be able to successfully keep weight off when you think overweight.

The result of overweight thinking is that your actions lead to being overweight and staying overweight.

Pillar 1: If the food is there, you will eat it. You clean your plate. You buy, thinking you’ll just eat some, and you will eat it all – every time. You eat off your spouse’s plate when they’re done and you clean up your kids’ plates. There’s food (including the wrong food) not only in your kitchen, but in your car, your desk, your purse, your briefcase… You can’t walk by a piece of candy, a food sample, any food offered, without taking it. You eat out a lot, and/or eat a lot of takeout food. You eat every bit of those large portions that are given to you. You eat until you’re stuffed, not until you’ve had just enough. You make sure that food is always accessible to you, no matter what.

Pillar 2: Overweight people sit a majority of the day. If you’re overweight, you have a sedentary lifestyle. Quite honestly, you don’t want to move much. Those extra pounds put a lot of stress and strain on every part of your body. This includes your mind and all the emotional garbage that goes along with not moving and being overweight.

Pillar 3: You are preoccupied with food. Food is your best friend. When you’ll eat, what you’ll eat, where you’ll eat, you’ll be physically ill if you don’t eat, you wake up thinking about food, you go to bed thinking about food, you count the hours and minutes until you can eat something, you eat and watch TV, you read and eat, you work and eat, you’re happy and eat, you’re sad and eat, you look forward to that next restaurant, new recipes, old recipes, gourmet clubs, social gatherings, food magazines, online boards, kitchen gadgets… You go into every diet thinking that your BFF will be waiting for you at the end – once you’ve lost the weight. Food is much more than survival – it is the major part of your life.

Pillar 4: You ignore your body when it comes to food. You don’t know when you’ve gained a few pounds. You don’t know how many calories you eat every day. You often say that you’re just going to have a “little” of something and totally ignore the total amount of food from all those “littles”. You can always justify why you could eat what you ate. Joints ache, indigestion, sometimes headaches, heartburn, not being able to pick things up, nothing fits quite right– you’ve become used to these things. Then there’s the daily guilt, the frustration, the depression, the embarrassment – you just live with these emotions.

Pillar 5: You say to yourself: “I know I can lose the weight once and for all.” This is your ace, your hole in one, your star. You just haven’t done it yet.

How many pillars of overweight thinking have you built?

The answer lies in how uncomfortable you were when you read this article. How many mental excuses did you give yourself? How many times did you search for reasons why something wasn’t true – for you?

If you haven’t done it already, take The Thin Test. Or, take it again, and think about the 5 pillars.

There’s a reason you can’t lose weight permanently. You sit on most, if not all, of the 5 pillars of overweight thinking.

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