First, the disclaimers… Thin Classroom is not a part of the Meetup organization.

We do not get paid in any way, shape or form to endorse Meetup.


What is Meetup? To quote them:

“Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.”

Why should you get involved? The answer is threefold.

One, you can choose activities to participate in that take up your time doing something other than eating, or those that are food oriented.

Two, you can find new friends (many who didn’t know each other before joining) that you have a different point of reference with than in your past. One of the greatest issues in becoming thin is that often you have to somehow reconcile your old lifestyle (and friends) with a new lifestyle. Meetup allows you to easily do this.

Three, you can choose among many existing Meetups to get involved, or, you can start your own.

Joining Meetup, and joining a Meetup group is absolutely free. It may be that some of the things that you do as a member of the group may cost some money, but many, many don’t cost a cent because they’re activity oriented.

You can go to Meetups you sign up for when you want – there’s nothing mandatory. You will get reminders every week on upcoming activities.

Here’s the caveat: Before you join, be sure that the group is not food based or sedentary based. There may be events here and there where food is present, but for instance, do NOT join a book club, or a Bunco group – they are too sedentary, and often food is involved. Or, if you see a sedentary group you like, fine, but join another group that is activity oriented.

Sign up for Meetup, then fill out the profile of what types of activities you might be interested in joining at some point. Then go in and explore the Meetups that are happening in your area. Sign up for one or two!

Plus, every time a new Meetup is formed near where you live that fits within your interest parameters, you will be notified.

Here are some Meetups around the country that sound great!

LIttleton, Colorado: Sahaja Meditation
Lincoln, Nebraska: Lincolnaire Chorus
Bangor, Maine: Bangor Photography Meetup
Jacksonville, Florida: Jacksonville Mighty Moms (they have numerous activities, some of them food oriented. Avoid the food, do the stroller walks, etc.)
Casper, Wyoming: Doomsday Network (Preppers)
Sedona, Arizona: Sedona Raw Living Meetup
Reno, Nevada: Reno Older Moms group
Escondido, California: Qigong for Life group
Eugene, Oregon: Eugene Cuban Salsa group
Dallas, Texas: Rebelle Yoga and Fitness group
New York City, New York: Weight Loss Warriors